Anything from a deep clean to a light touch up yard work laundry and errands running if you need it done and don't have time call me. Ad number: #378678372 Contact: Amanda Hullender City: ManchesterTN Zip: 37355 Price: 10 hour
I am 22yrs old I want to own my own daycare someday. I have raised ten children in this life time I love children and to make an impression on there lives and teach them things everyday... All I am asking for is a chance ... I won't disappoint you !!! Thank you for your time Crystal A Gregor
I do house keeping basic house keeping work I what $10.00 A hour I only take cash for being paid I do not work Sundays hours are 10:00 Am in tell 2PM email me name and number
home cleaning hours 9 am in tell 3PM not open Sunday $5.00 a hour email me name and phone number if you what my help
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